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SteamHammerVR is a story-driven virtual reality steampunk game. Now on Steam Early Access!


The Rogue Apprentice
Your adventure takes place in Victorian London 1892. The dastardly Professor Rattwurm is attempting to enslave the fine English folk with his multitude of clockwork automatons! Armed with your steam powered weapons, can you save old London Town?
The journey of making SteamHammerVR by the development team at GamestormVR.

Seek & Destroy Mode LIVE! – Update 1.1.0

So folks! This is the last update before we come out of Early Access in Summer 2017. In this latest release there have been several further tweaks and improvements to the Story Mode gameplay, but now you can access Seek & Destroy arcade Mode and try one of four...

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Gavin Reeman

“Wow! Just Wow. This is not your standard common all-garden wave shooter (infact there is a barely any shooting). Not only is it visually stunning but game play is awesome! It is definately authentic ‘Steampunk’ and the characters and story are well thought out. The enemies range from scary to downright hiliarious too.

This is already one of my favourte games!!”

Grey Area

“Quirky British gameplay at it’s best. Can’t tell if it will properly capture the Steampunk “feel”, but it’s a good start with the weapons and the setting aboard the Horndenberg is beautifully crafted.”


“Man, you guys really did an amazing job on this one. I’ve pretty much stopped buying wave shooters but the spin you guys took on this is absolutely fantastic. The atmosphere is perfect and I’m really looking forward to seeing other aspects of the game as well as other weapons in action. This will definitely be a must have title. Great job guys!”

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