Love this Game, Could of got it for free but i paid for it and gave my free key away because i think the Devs deserve the cash for all the hard work.
I love streaming this whenever i do everyone always asks what game it is because its so much fun.
The choice of weapons, the humor which is so typically British and the details that have gone into making this are all top notch.
I love it i think you will too.
I was able to get on with the game now thanks to a patch/fix. Everything that I had a problem with, (grabbing and holding objects) were fixed. I played a level and was very impressed. Very intense gameplay and I’m sure other who enjoy “hold the line” type games will like this also.
Thanks to the creators for addressing the issues and taking them seriously. It is indeed a challenging and worthwile game.
Really fun Steampunk game!

Check out my mixed reality video of this game:

Grey Area
“Quirky British gameplay at it’s best. Can’t tell if it will properly capture the Steampunk “feel”, but it’s a good start with the weapons and the setting aboard the Horndenberg is beautifully crafted.”

THIS game is totally the reason why I bought VR!
The atmosphere both visually and audibly totally immerses you in Victorian London it is stunning and this game is a massive bang for your buck with loads of different locations and all sorts of different tasks and gameplay types to complete.
I won’t spoil the story but it is beautiful, funny, silly, scary but actually ingenious and I think steampunk fans will totally love it.

Pretty cool game. I lIke the steampunk aspect and gameplay is pretty good too.
Keep up the good work.
I forgot that I downloaded this game.
Decided to give it a try..
It’s actually pretty sweet
Definitely a lot of potential!
“Man, you guys really did an amazing job on this one. I’ve pretty much stopped buying wave shooters but the spin you guys took on this is absolutely fantastic. The atmosphere is perfect and I’m really looking forward to seeing other aspects of the game as well as other weapons in action. This will definitely be a must have title. Great job guys!”
This is a really entertaining example of what can be achieved in VR and both my Son and I enjoyed playing it, even though we were terrible at. If London really does come under threat from clockwork creatures, probably best not to call on us!

The game has a great atmosphere and music and background noise has been utilised well, to help maintain the immersive nature of VR gaming. Having the clockwork creatures come at you is alright, at first, but once they really get going, the 360 degree nature of the game, really becomes apparent.

Wave based shooter. Autentic Steampunk “feel”. Vell made with attention to detail. Weapons are “different” and fun to use. Looking forward to the full game.

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