Oh WOW! There is so much exciting and cool stuff in V1.4.0, we cannot wait to hear your feedback!


We have listened to your feedback and we have to put our hands up and admit that we really buggered it up!

SteamHammerVR has three settings; EASY, MEDIUM and HARD but it turns out that they basically may as well have been labelled EXTREMELY CHALLENGING, DIE DIE DIE and HA HA HA HA NO CHANCE SUCKER!!!

So in Version 1.4.0 Easy means Easy, in fact, it is so easy that we are supremely confident that at least one of you can make it past Mission Four….YES! NOBODY has yet made it past Mission Four of the Eleven Story Mode Missions, which means that you have all been missing out on some totally stunning (albeit foggy) parts of London, not to mention a great story! How stupid do we feel? Pretty stupid, Welcome to Dumbass Central 🙂

So along with all the new the changes, the Audio Hints switched on and the ‘Hintenburg’ Mini Airship to guide your way, you can go in now and play the whole game on EASY or for the masochists among you, you can try it on hard!


There is quite a lot of jolly English banter and idioms in the game dialogue that some may not be very familiar with, as such the entire game can now be played with English Subtitles!


We have included our first full translation of the SteamHammerVR into Simplified Chinese. How cool is that? It’s just a shame we didn’t keep the interpreter long enough to write this update in Chinese!!!


Massive sweep of the game to clear out some niggling bugs a few of you may have encountered, plus we put a few bugs in…Automaton types, not like code bugs, that would be very silly!


  • Total Framework Rebuild for Future HMD Support
  • Dominant Hand Option
  • Advanced Topiary Design
  • Even More 3D Spatial Audio Enhancements
  • Bench Plaque Humour Auto Generation & Deployment
  • HeroLite™ Enhanced Gameplay
  • Over 112 Devilishly Subtle Enhancements, Tweaks and Improvements that when you spot them you will go, “Oh WOW! That is so damn cool! We love you guys! I am SO sharing this with EVERYBODY!”

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