Yes! The new Sewers Mission is now available for all our intrepid SteamHammerers.

You will certainly need your wits about you, as well as a peg for your nose and a good sense of direction, it’s a complete maze of tunnels down therein the sewers.

As you have probably guessed this is not just a pleasant whistle-stop tour of Victorian London’s delightful sewer system, there is serious mission work to turn your talents to.

Naturally there are few more of Professor Rattwurm’s vile rat automatons lurking in the tunnels but by now we are confident you know how best to deal with those pesky blighters, however, be advised we heard there are a ‘couple’ of new enemies for you to combat in the sewers, but don’t let that bug you.

Oh…It is a bit gloomy down there but Dr Springhorn has equipped your exo-suit with a nifty little head torch!

Of course it would be jolly helpful if you could find your way out of the sewers by yourself, we are afraid that Dr Springhorn has a rather sensitive disposition to putrid smellls and unidentifiable soft floating debris… that’s why he is sending YOU! Good Luck SteamHammer!

What’s Springhorn been buggering about with?

  • A double glazing salesman met with Dr Springhorn last week and told him he was using the wrong type of glass in the visor of his exo-suit, so apparently he has replaced it with some new state of the art ‘Super Sample’ that he gave him to try.
    Tell us what your think of the new Super-Sample-Thing will you? Oh sorry, apparently its Supersampling whatever the hell that is! Check it out in your SteamHammer Menu.
  • Springhorn is a bit confused this week, we asked him to fix some bugs, which is apparently why we got sent to the Sewers 😉 See what we did there?

What Crazy, Cruel and Unusual Creations come next?

  • Assuming you have made it out of the sewers and have had a jolly rigorous scrub down then you can next venture along the River Thames to the Limehouse Warehouse…we hope you have developed a good gameplay strategy by now, here you are going to have to think as well as fight…and run.
  • Time to tell you a little bit more about Seek and Destroy Mode, some of the locations you may recognise from the Story Mode but the gameplay and the automaton combinations here are going to test your strategy, survival instinct and weapon combos to the limit, are you the best SteamHammerer on the planet? Let’s find out!
  • Feeling lonely? Need someone to cover your back? Want to reign supreme over the villainous Rattwurm’s automaton army with a buddy? That’s DUO Mode…more announcements on that totally cool potato soon!

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